Our Vision -

Community with  love, peace, healing and the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ


  • Building homes in community is our vision by creatingspecial enviornment of joy, peace and happiness through Jesus Christ. A house is just a  structure with brick, concrete or wood and there is no particular emotional aspect for it.  But each house can be turned in to homes once the people in it decide to create a peaceful atmosphere.  These homes can be a blessing for the community and we together can  make it happen.
  • Connecting one another is another aspect of a healthy community. CFC is created with a vision to reach out to the community with the true gospel of Jesus Christ,  in obedience to His great command.  Our mission is to present the salvation plan of Christ  to every individual so  that our community as a whole can be connected to one another  in this present world and the world to come - Eternity.
  • Encouraging one another is another  key aspect of a healthy community. A gift, a note with a word of appreciation, praying  together for others need and pain are extremely important.  CFC welcomes everyone as a fellow recipient of God’s love, grace, healing and hope.  It is a fact that when  we comfort others who are suffering, we ourselves also find comfort and joy. Solomon wrote: The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverb 18:21). We can help our brothers and sisters in our community to lift them out of depression and to renew their strength and hope.
  • Sharing one another is another factor of a healthy community. It is important to carry each others physical, emotional, spiritual and material burdens. If a member is in need, grief, sad, anxious or worried with family situations, we shall help one another - being there with them, expressing  care, listening to them and praying with them.  God created humans as social beings, but many people are  missing fellowship and feel lonely.  “Carry each others burdens, and this way you will fulfill the Law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)
  • Peaceful Community live in unity and  grow without division.  We will not be able to accomplish anything without unity.  Even though there is diversity in opinion, faith and tradition, we can experience unity. It can be achieved only by  seeking the will of God together instead of being stubborn to make things with personal interest. In the midst of disagreements we must be able to speak calmly, lovingly, humbly, peacefully, gently, and patiently, so that we can manifest the fruit of the spirit expecting great blessings from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
  • Joyful Community experience the characteristics of feeling and expressing deep happiness and enthusiasm.  It can be achived by living according to God’s design,  trusting in Jesus Christ as our savior, receiving forgiveness for   our sin and having fellowship with God and others aound us. Through Christ broken relationships can be restored. 
  • Community can be local to international representing all nations, races, colors, ages and cultural backgrounds together work for the betterment and spiritual future of our nation through a network of communication, education and fellowships.  No matter where you live, you can find a fellowship or bible study for yourself  in your local community.  Please contact: 


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